Our services branding success is our specialty

At White Falcon, we know what we are doing. Our focus is on overarching strategies and design of online and offline media for brands that already are successful or want to be successful. The process begins with thorough consultations and the development of individual solutions and ends with practical implementation. We oversee projects from briefing to release or print and beyond.

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Strategy/vision Intellectually and Physically

A design is only good when its outcome works in all media whether placed on a vehicle or on a touch screen. That’s why White Falcon first thoroughly examines the perceptions surrounding your brand. That’s all about recognizing client needs and finding solutions for them.

The development of a functional design is our principal activity which tops everything else and requires the most intellectual preparation. But it’s well worth the effort especially for the brand. After all, a distinctive and compelling appearance increases visibility, credibility and significantly raises the likelihood of more sales.

Web design/Online We speak Web fluently

Online users today are sophisticated and continue to evolve with the technology. Increasing use of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices opens up new opportunities. Companies and brands that have an online presence today gain a significant edge on the market.

This is where White Falcon comes in. We create fast landing pages and dynamic responsive pages. Or exceptionally user-friendly e-commerce solutions that grow with your company.

Print/Offline We understand print

Offline communication builds the brand. It has always worked this way and is not about to change. From the early days of our lives, we discover the world by looking at things, touching and grasping them in the true sense of the word.

That’s probably why it is still in our blood to make brochures, business cards, business stationery, flyers, posters and everything else. They, too, stand out from the crowd and serve your company’s image. You can count on it.

Philosophy The secret of success is not really a secret